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Farewell, Dome, Sunshine’s Home!

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Warm weather is teasing its way into Kansas City and the dome is deflating for summer hibernation – so why not swing on by, wish the dome goodbye, and while you’re at it, sign up for Spring Session Beach Volleyball! It’ll be fun in the sun all spring season long – and, there’s a Sand Volleyball session for just about everyone. Weekends and weekdays, early birds and night owls, casual or competitive, there’s a place for your team at Volleyball Beach!

Our largest in-the-county Beach Volleyball Air-dome packed in over 800 teams on 8 courts this winter! Warm weather means more courts – but they fill up fast! Time to rally your friends and lock in your session. Are you new to town and in need of a team – or maybe your team is missing a key player. We have the answer: Find your missing set person or skilled spiker on our “Find a Player” page. Or, search for teams that are looking for the perfect teammate! Either way, we’ve got you covered!

But better hurry – we’re down to a few final 9:15 spots – a perfect time to play for you night owls that like your playing weather a little cooler and your after game celebrations a little later. And for those of you who enjoy a laid-back beach attitude but are not quite ready to play, why not just sit back, relax and enjoy our warm, sandy beach vibes?

And don’t forget to check out our full service Beachside Bar with delicious bar bites! (Margaritas and nachos, anyone?) Sit back and watch your buddies play while kicking back and enjoying a cocktail or two! From after work happy hours to late night victory celebrations, the excitement never ends at Volleyball Beach.

Dig your toes in the sand, put a fruity drink in your hand and welcome in the warm weather of spring the best way you can – at the best on-ramp to beachside paradise in all of Kansas City, Volleyball Beach!

Winter Digs II A League Winners

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It’s a wrap! We’ve concluded another amazing Winter Digs session at Volleyball Beach – proving again there’s no better way to beat the winter blues than enjoying some competitive beach-time fun in the sand! We want to thank all the awesome players who came out to play sand volleyball under the dome this winter!

This time around we’re giving a special shout-out to our A Team Winners. The A Team League is the power league – so if your skill level is top notch, the A level league might be for you! This is the best beach volleyball competition you will find in Kansas City.

Howard Barewin, Volleyball Beach owner, says, “These guys are the best of the best. It’s a great league to be a part of, it really tests your skills – while also having a blast. Of course, don’t be afraid to kick back and have a drink or two!”

Great beach volleyball knows no season so, as Winter Digs II wraps and the dome deflates for hibernation, the return of Daylight Savings Time signals the summertime beach vibe is nearer than you think – so don’t forget to register for our Spring Season! There are still a few 9:15 time slots left for night owls out there. Click here to register and save your spot now.

Check out the gallery below to see some of our Winter Digs II winners.









Charity Begins at… the Beach!

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Suns out, funs out! Host the best charity fundraiser ever for your organization with Volleyball Beach KC! We’ll host your group volleyball get-together while you kick it in the sand and sun while raising money for your great cause. We provide the sandy beach courts and laid back vibe – and of course everyone’s favorite Beach Bar and Grille is open for business with a wide selection of KC’s best cocktails and delicious bar bites!

With 14 groomed sand volleyball courts, Volleyball Beach has plenty of space for just about any size crowd offering the most unique and authentic beach volleyball experience in Kansas City. The ball’s in your court, be sure to check out Volleyball Beach KC when planning your next special event or fundraiser.

Check our calendar to see future charity events already booked and dates that remain available. In years past we’ve hosted events KC’s most amazing charities including: Rose Brooks, Special Olympics, Susan G. Komen, Sherwood Center, and the Trent Green Family Foundation.

Wanting to stage an extra special work-day get-away? The Beach can host your company skip day most any Monday through Friday! Planning the not so traditional wedding gathering? Look no further than Volleyball Beach.

Don’t let anyone “beach” you to it – book your event now! The facilities at Volleyball Beach are available weekdays and most Saturday and Sundays for spring and summer tournaments and other special events. Click here to send us a message to reserve your date!

Spring Registration Starts February 8

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Set your alarm for Thursday, February 8th at 9am!

Winter Digs II will be wrapping up shortly, but never fear, you can still get your “volleyball on” during our upcoming Spring League! The Volleyball Beach air-dome exhales and takes a break in March, so our Spring League is the perfect way for your team to get out into the sunshine and enjoy the fresh spring air after a particularly long and cold Kansas City winter! Spring League registration officially begins February 8th promptly at 9am under the Play Now tab on this website.

If you’re new to Volleyball Beach, please be aware that a fair amount of league time slots sell out in the first 5 to 10 minutes they become available – so get your team locked in, set your alarm, and be ready to register at 9am! Another note, if you’re an individual player looking for a team to join, or a team looking for another player, check out our Find a Player page. There you can leave a post, browse posts and make team and player connections.

Spring League play begins April 2nd and last for 10 weeks (completing in mid-June). Whether you’re interested in competitive volleyball or you’re just looking for a new and fun place to hang out with friends while enjoying exciting recreation (and perhaps a post-match beverage or two!), Volleyball Beach may have just the vibe you’re looking for! (Check out our gallery below to see some of the fun from past league play!)

And, don’t forget, Volleyball Beach opens every weekday at 4pm for happy hour – and free open play! We also offer ½ price appetizers and drink specials every weekday from 4-6pm! Feel free to drop by any day after work, grab a drink, and brush up a little on your beach volleyball skills before game time!

Save the date, and see you at The Beach!

The Mystery of the Beach Beer

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Have you ever noticed a tap handle at the bar called “Volleyball Beach”? Have you ever asked one of the bartenders about it? Well if not, next time you’re there, stop by the bar and give it a try! It’s Volleyball Beach’s mystery brew – most of the servers and bartenders don’t even know what comes out of the tap! But if they do – they are sworn to secrecy, and aren’t ever allowed to reveal the mystery.

The mystery brew is a 20-year-old secret and Volleyball Beach’s best seller, so give it a try and see if you and your friends can guess what it is! If you think you’ve figured it out, we can guarantee that it will change soon so it will forever be kept a mystery!

Keep a lookout for Howard next time you’re at Volleyball Beach and ask him about it. He will smile, shrug, and say something like, “It’s a secret formula that I’ll never tell, but it’s our best seller so be sure to give it a try!”

Stop by Volleyball Beach for free play from 4 – 6 pm and take the challenge of trying to guess the beach beer while brushing up on your sand volleyball skills. Or sign up for our Winter Digs II session – it starts January 3rd and there are just a couple spots remaining!

Winter Digs II Registration is Still Open!

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Last Chance to Sign Up for Winter Digs II! Register this Week!

Why spend the cold KC winter months deprived of your favorite warm weather sand sport? The heated air dome at Volleyball Beach is inflated and ready for action, so don’t miss out on “Winter Digs II” registration! We have a few 9:15 spots and our new Sunday 4:00 spot still available, but they are going fast! Click here to see availability.

We keep the Volleyball Beach dome (the third largest air dome in the country), heated to a balmy 72 degrees all winter long. (And the drinks to cool you down after your match are kept at less than half that temperature!) We do all of this for your leisure time pleasure – allowing you to play your favorite warm weather game in your best lucky sport-shorts and your bare toes in the sand all winter long!

Space is limited, so be sure to sign up as soon as possible! Wednesday, January 3rd is the official opening day of the Winter Digs II season and the action continues for 9 weeks.

Never been inside of or competed in the Volleyball Beach dome? We believe you’ll be impressed. This modern day mammoth of Martin City is massive at 320 × 120 feet – and over 40 feet high! The dome covers eight full size courts. The Dome will be the perfect place for you and your crew to get your volleyball on – and perhaps celebrate with one or more adult beverages with your team and the competition after!

What are you waiting for? Get your hit-men and hit-women together and register for Winter Digs! Click here for more information or to sign up! Don’t have a full team? No worries, click here to go to our Find A Player page.

See you at the beach!

Allison Coens’ Beach Volleyball Scholarship!

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Allison Coens, a senior at St. James Academy, just received a scholarship to play beach volleyball! At St. James Academy she has been a 4-year starter, has two state titles, and was voted as a finalist for the Evelyn Gates Award – an award that honors the top female high school varsity volleyball student-athlete in the Kansas City area.

The last two winters she has been trained at Volleyball Beach’s heated dome by the May Fire! founder, Eric Scherfenberg.  Channel 9 news stopped by Volleyball Beach last week to film a segment on her and her amazing accomplishments. During the interview she said she really likes sand volleyball because she likes the challenge of playing in all the elements: wind, sun, and rain. Click here to watch her full interview with Channel 9.

Come check out Volleyball Beach’s heated dome so you can practice your volleyball skills year around too. Get a team together and register for Winter Digs II on December 1st or go to our Find a Player page to help you find a team to join.

Winter Digs II Registration is Happening Now!

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Our Winter Digs II registration is now happening! The gigantic air-dome at Volleyball Beach is inflated and kept at a constant and balmy warm temperature for your winter-escape pleasure, so why not put on some shorts, kick off your shoes, and spend this winter with your toes in the sand?! The nine-week Winter Digs II session begins January 3rd, 2018 and runs through March. Click here to register your team!

Our heated air-dome is the 3rd largest air-dome in the country, the largest beach Volleyball dome in the world and, of course, the largest dome of any kind in the Kansas City metro! The dome is heated to a perfect 72 degrees and covers a total of 8 volleyball courts!

Get your team together and sign up on December 1st! Want to play but don’t have a team? No worries – check out our find a player page.

And don’t forget, Volleyball Beach opens every weekday at 4pm for happy hour and free open play! We have ½ price appetizers and drink specials every weekday from 4-6pm! Stop by after work for a drink and brush up on your beach volleyball skills before your game!


See you at the Beach!

Come Join us for Winter Digs I in our Heated Dome!

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The dome is up and Winter Digs I is just a couple days away! This is the third year that we have had the heated dome up and we are excited to say that we have almost 400 teams competing in Winter Digs I. It officially starts on Wednesday, November 1st and will last for 9 weeks.

If you are new to Volleyball Beach, our dome is a massive 320 x 140 feet and it is kept at a balmy 72 degrees. There are 8 full size volleyball courts and it is the perfect place to keep your bare toes in the sand all winter long! Check out the video below to see how what it’s like to inflate this dome!

Are you a player looking for a team? Or what about a team looking for a player? Check out our “Find a Player” page where you can match with someone in your skill set that is also looking for a team or a player.

Ready to play barefoot volleyball in the heat all winter long? Volleyball Beach is ready for you. The dome will be the perfect place for you and your crew to get your volleyball on – and perhaps celebrate with one or more adult beverages with your team and the competition after! Come see us in Martin City or click here to contact us with questions.

Fall C League Winners

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Fall C League Winners

After an awesome season we have concluded our 9 week fall session. Thank you to all the teams that came out to play and have some fun in the sun with us. We wanted to take a moment to congratulate all of our winners but put a special spotlight on the C winners. Have you ever thought about playing at Volleyball Beach but aren’t experienced? The C level is a great place to start. Howard, the owner of Volleyball Beach, says that  “there are about 250 C teams each season at Volleyball Beach and the teams always really enjoy themselves. It is a great place to improve your skills and have a few drinks. I think most of these teams would drink beer and play volleyball at the same time if they could!”

Lori has been playing Tuesdays at 8:15 for the past 15 years. She loves being able to see friends every Tuesday, have a few beers, and there is some great competition. Lori says that “if you are new to sand volleyball, the C league is a great place to start!”

Are you a player that is looking for a team? Check out our Find a Player form to see what teams are looking for players!

See below for full list of fall’s C winners and some pictures. We will see you for Winter Digs starting on November 1st!

Sunday 5:00- Croucher “Two Bump Champs”

Sunday 6:00- McCoy

Sunday 7:00- Mikeska

Sunday 8:00- Felts

Sunday 9:00- Combs

Monday 6:15- Davin

Monday 7:15- Vonderahe

Monday 8:15- Vonderahe

Monday 9:15- Slobodnik

Tuesday 6:15- Francis

Tuesday 7:15- Skevington

Tuesday 8:15- Davies “High Beams & Gear Shifts”

Tuesday 9:15- Clark “Hot Sets in the Sweat Spot”

Wednesday 6:15- Schick “Drunken Ball Slappers”

Wednesday 7:15- Yamnitz

Wednesday 8:15- Roggenkamp

Wednesday 9:15-Barkley

Thursday 6:15- Bellar “WTF?!”

Thursday 7:15- Bellar “WTF?!”

Thursday 8:15- Clouse

Thursday 9:15- Johnson “Sets with the Lights On”

Friday 6:15- Harrington “Awesome Sauce”

Friday 7:15- Walker

Friday 8:15- Walker

Friday 9:15- Elder