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October 2017

Come Join us for Winter Digs I in our Heated Dome!

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The dome is up and Winter Digs I is just a couple days away! This is the third year that we have had the heated dome up and we are excited to say that we have almost 400 teams competing in Winter Digs I. It officially starts on Wednesday, November 1st and will last for 9 weeks.

If you are new to Volleyball Beach, our dome is a massive 320 x 140 feet and it is kept at a balmy 72 degrees. There are 8 full size volleyball courts and it is the perfect place to keep your bare toes in the sand all winter long! Check out the video below to see how what it’s like to inflate this dome!

Are you a player looking for a team? Or what about a team looking for a player? Check out our “Find a Player” page where you can match with someone in your skill set that is also looking for a team or a player.

Ready to play barefoot volleyball in the heat all winter long? Volleyball Beach is ready for you. The dome will be the perfect place for you and your crew to get your volleyball on – and perhaps celebrate with one or more adult beverages with your team and the competition after! Come see us in Martin City or click here to contact us with questions.

Fall C League Winners

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Fall C League Winners

After an awesome season we have concluded our 9 week fall session. Thank you to all the teams that came out to play and have some fun in the sun with us. We wanted to take a moment to congratulate all of our winners but put a special spotlight on the C winners. Have you ever thought about playing at Volleyball Beach but aren’t experienced? The C level is a great place to start. Howard, the owner of Volleyball Beach, says that  “there are about 250 C teams each season at Volleyball Beach and the teams always really enjoy themselves. It is a great place to improve your skills and have a few drinks. I think most of these teams would drink beer and play volleyball at the same time if they could!”

Lori has been playing Tuesdays at 8:15 for the past 15 years. She loves being able to see friends every Tuesday, have a few beers, and there is some great competition. Lori says that “if you are new to sand volleyball, the C league is a great place to start!”

Are you a player that is looking for a team? Check out our Find a Player form to see what teams are looking for players!

See below for full list of fall’s C winners and some pictures. We will see you for Winter Digs starting on November 1st!

Sunday 5:00- Croucher “Two Bump Champs”

Sunday 6:00- McCoy

Sunday 7:00- Mikeska

Sunday 8:00- Felts

Sunday 9:00- Combs

Monday 6:15- Davin

Monday 7:15- Vonderahe

Monday 8:15- Vonderahe

Monday 9:15- Slobodnik

Tuesday 6:15- Francis

Tuesday 7:15- Skevington

Tuesday 8:15- Davies “High Beams & Gear Shifts”

Tuesday 9:15- Clark “Hot Sets in the Sweat Spot”

Wednesday 6:15- Schick “Drunken Ball Slappers”

Wednesday 7:15- Yamnitz

Wednesday 8:15- Roggenkamp

Wednesday 9:15-Barkley

Thursday 6:15- Bellar “WTF?!”

Thursday 7:15- Bellar “WTF?!”

Thursday 8:15- Clouse

Thursday 9:15- Johnson “Sets with the Lights On”

Friday 6:15- Harrington “Awesome Sauce”

Friday 7:15- Walker

Friday 8:15- Walker

Friday 9:15- Elder