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August 2018

Volleyball Beach Spotlight on Charles Maudlin and Team

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Who says a number defines your true age? Charles Maudlin and the rest of his Kansas City Ski Club buddies have proven this to be false! In a recent interview with Charles, we found out more about him, his teammates and why they love playing at Volleyball Beach.

Members of the Kansas City Ski Club for the past 20-30 years, Charles and his buddies branched out from snow skiing and became active in cycling, softball, hiking, indoor volleyball and our personal favorite – sand volleyball! In the early 2000s, the guys – who got together weekly for guy’s night out – decided to form two sand volleyball teams at no place other than Volleyball Beach. Eventually, the two teams evolved into three – now there’s a total of 18 players on Thursday nights at 6:15!

Charles Maudlin and Friends

Out of the 18 dedicated players, 12 are 60-65 years old, 3 are in their early 70s and 3 in their early 50s. The secret to still playing sand volleyball at their ages? Staying active! “If you’re still moving, you can’t be dead,” said Charles when asked about the teams’ motto.

When asked about the teams’ names Charles said, “We wanted to have something so that if they announced over the speaker system our team names, people would take them as drink specials.” They decided on – $2 Shots, 2 for 1 Pitchers and Designated Drinkers! “We’re a bunch of characters,” Charles emphasized.

Once Thursday game nights roll around, the team uses a spreadsheet called, “The Randomizer,” to decide who will play on each team that evening. Three captains are selected for the night and the rest of the players are randomly spread throughout the three teams. So, if you play out at The Beach on Thursday evenings, don’t be surprised if you play a handful of the same opponents you were up against the previous week!

Be sure to say hi to Charles and the rest of the “characters” on your next Thursday night Volleyball Beach visit. As always, Free Play is open Monday-Friday from 4:00-6:00 pm with Happy Hour specials on drinks and apps. Come join the fun at Volleyball Beach!

Howard’s Playlist – The Aux is in Your Hands

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With Fall Leagues kicking off, we know most everyone can agree it is time for Howard to get a new playlist. “Didn’t The Clash die? If they didn’t they should,” was one of many comments overheard one hot summer night at The Beach.

Taking everyone’s considerations to heart, Howard has finally decided to allow you all – the players – to be in control of the auxiliary cord. The rules are simple, suggest a song that has yet to be played at Volleyball Beach. If your song gets selected to add to the Fall League playlist, Howard will give you a free Blake Bomb!

A free Blake Bomb, simply for having great taste in music? Sounds like a win-win to us! Send your song requests to one of Volleyball Beach’s booming social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram or Twitter – no later than August 31, and we will announce the winners!

Don’t forget – Free Play is open Monday-Friday from 4:00-6:00 pm with Happy Hour specials on drinks and appetizers! Summer league may be ending, but the heat is still cranking. Be on the look-out for Howard’s Hydration Libations – discounts on drinks when it is 90 degrees or hotter. You could be sipping on your ice-cold drink of choice while hearing your pick play over the loudspeaker. But sorry, “Ring of Fire” has already been played, folks!

Fall League begins Wednesday, August 15th!

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Extend your summer into fall with Kansas City’s best beach volleyball! Fall League is just a couple of short days away and we have a handful of spots still open! This 9-week league begins Wednesday, August 15 and runs through mid-October. What are you waiting for? Our 14 sand courts are calling your name!

Open Spots:

  • Sunday 5:00 pm
  • Sunday 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday 9:15 pm
  • Wednesday 6:15 pm *one spot available
  • Wednesday 9:15 pm
  • Thursday 9:15 pm *one spot available
  • Thursday 10:15 pm
  • Friday 6:15 pm *one spot available
  • Friday 9:15 pm

Visit our Play Now page to hold your spot before it’s too late!

Not enough members in your crew – or looking to join a team and make some new friends? Check out the Find a Player page!

Don’t forget to join us for Free Play and Happy Hour at our Beachside Bar and Grill weekdays from 4:00-6:00 pm. Be on the look-out for Howard’s Hydration Libations – specials on drinks when it’s 90 degrees or hotter!