Hi everyone. We’re extremely excited to reopen and introduce good outdoor fun to our lives again but we take the risk of a second wave very seriously so when we reopen, we’ll be operating with “New Normal” procedures for the foreseeable future. Not only does that mean compliance with KCMO requirements but we’re focused on eliminating clusters of people in the usual spots and imposing “at the court” guidelines to enhance social distancing and safety.
A. Compliance with KCMO Requirements

  1. Table spacing in the bar – 10’ chairback to chairback
  2.  Table spacing on the deck – 6’ chairback to chairback
  3. Employees will be screened for sickness upon arrival and any “iffy” employees will be sent home.
  4. Servers, bartenders, and cooks will wear masks at all times.
  5. No customers will be allowed to sit or mingle at the bar (and in fact we moved the stand-up tables away from the bar to eliminate crowding). There are designated spots in front of the bar to order a drink or pay. You must sit at a table if you’re not in line at the bar.
  6. We will circle the courts every hour to log the names of people playing at VBB.
  7. We are sanitizing table and chair surfaces in between parties.
  8. No more than 50 people in any gathering, deck or court.
  9. All customers will be required to wear masks in the building (bar, bathrooms, etc.) unless they are sitting at a table eating and/or drinking. Masks are recommended but not required on the deck and courts. We will provide for a food and drink ordering option accessible from the deck.

B. Upon Arrival – Access to Volleyball Beach shall be through the gate to the deck, which is to the right of the front door.

C. Avoiding Clusters of People

  1. a. At the Bar – You can order/pay at the designated spots spaced at the bar and wait for your turn on the designated spaced spots. Otherwise you need to sit at a table. Remember, we have a texting service where you can order your drinks and/or food on your phone and we’ll bring it out to you. 816-892-2544. We’ll number the tables on the deck so you can text exactly where you are even if you’re on the deck. Also, we will be using disposable cups instead of our normal plastic cups.
  2. b. In the Bathrooms. Only 2 people are allowed in each bathroom at a time. If the bathrooms are full please wait on the designated spaced spots. Please note we will be entering the bathrooms OFTEN to sanitize handles and other commonly-touched items. Please use the provided hand sanitizer in the bathrooms.
  3. c. At the Volleyball Desk. Court assignments will be emailed to the teams in advance of play. One person only should alert the volleyball desk workers that your team has arrived so we aren’t scrambling to find a replacement team. We are sanitizing the balls prior to giving them to you and we are not going to take your keys. We will keep a log and if we do not get your ball back, we reserve the right to charge the team captain the cost of a replacement ball. You can text your games won to Howard at 816-719-0681 instead of reporting your scores at the desk.
  4. d. At the Spray Pit. Volleyball Beach personnel will hose you off. Please do not touch the handles.
  5. e. On the First Night. We will not implement our usual registration process. Instead we will circulate to your picnic table while you’re playing on the first night to get you paid and get waivers signed.

D. At the Court:

  1. a. There is hand sanitizer at every court, at the base of the net pole. Use it and let it dry on your hands and forearms before playing. If there is no hand sanitizer at the court when you arrive, please let us know as we reserve the right to charge the prior team captains the cost of a replacement bottle of hand sanitizer. When you leave your court, please indicate to the next team where the sanitizer bottle is.
  2. b. We are encouraging people to play with masks and long sleeves. However, this is not a requirement. We will have masks available for purchase.
  3. c. During play, especially those folks on the wings, please do not unnecessarily crowd the net. Stay back.
  4. d. After games there will be no low-fiving under the net. We look forward to seeing some creative “good game” rituals that you can come up with.
  5. e. When switching sides before and after the second game, please let one team pass, then the other team. Keep your distance.
  6. f. When you head to your court, please keep your distance from the picnic table used by the teams already there. We will try to mark waiting areas but don’t hold us to it.
  7. g. If a ball from another court strays onto your court, please do not pick it up to retrieve it. Just kick it back.
  8. h. No spitting in the sand. Tobacco, or otherwise. Ever.
  9. i. Please do some self-policing. If you or a teammate is feeling ill, has lost their sense of smell or taste, has been feverish, PLEASE DO NOT COME OUT.

E. Smoking. We reserve the right to ask you to be discreet with exhaled smoke so other customers aren’t exposed to it, and absent unique circumstances, ask that you refrain from smoking cigars on the deck.

F. Generally. Please be sensitive to the fact that not everyone has the same perspective on the pandemic as you. Let’s be grateful, respectful, and courteous out there – and enjoy!

G. Lastly, as information and conditions evolve, they may dictate changes, supplements and/or deletions of these requirements.