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3 Reasons to get your Fitness on at Volleyball Beach!

By February 12, 2016April 17th, 2019No Comments

Spring is going to be here before you know it!

Time to start getting into shape and feeling good about yourself. Does the thought of the gym make you cringe a little inside? How about getting a great workout while hanging with friends and the sand between your toes? Come get your fitness on at Volleyball Beach! Check out this article from, it’s sure to give you the motivation you’re looking for to get you fit and ready for spring-

  1. It burns calories. Because you’re in the sand, which is an unstable surface that’s harder to move in than grass or concrete, an hour-long game of beach volleyball burns quite a few calories. From all the running, jumping and diving, you can expect to burn 484 calories an hour.
  2. It’s a full-body workout. Beach volleyball uses every part of your body. You use your arms, shoulders and chest to bump, spike and serve the volleyball; you use your legs to run through that sand and squat down to reach the volleyball; and you use your core to stay balanced while you do all that. Beach volleyball is truly a full-body workout!
  3. It doesn’t feel like “working out.” This is perhaps the best reason of all! Because you’re so focused on the beach volleyball game and getting to the ball, you forget about how hard you’re working or how many minutes you’ve been playing. It’s a game, and it’s easy to play for more than an hour without even realizing it!


Who needs the gym when you have Volleyball Beach to spring you into shape? Grab your friends and sign up for our Spring league, it starts March 28th!