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Winter Season Ends With a Beach Wedding

By March 11, 2016April 17th, 2019No Comments

People often make great friends playing beach volleyball.

From time to time, it evolves into even more than that. Recently two longtime sand volleyball players decided to make a lifetime commitment – and hold their wedding and reception at Volleyball Beach!

“We’ve had some great times and and made some great friends here – and we’re not exactly formal people,” said groom Shawn Peel. Shawn continued, “Getting married at Volleyball Beach was the perfect situation for us!”

The Volleyball Beach Bar and Grille became a makeshift sanctuary for the short ceremony, not to mention a ready reception hall after where guests casually dined on BBQ, tasty side dishes and a variety of chips – conveniently packaged to take out to the beach during the post nuptial celebration!

Said bride, Kim Peel, “We’ve made a lot of friends here, so it was kind of a natural.” The ceremony was unique – and even a bit emotional. There was more than one teary eye in the house as Shawn and Kim’s dapper marriage officiant lead the happy couple through their vows on their way to becoming Mr. and Mrs. Peel.

Instead of the chicken dance and the hokey pokey for post ceremony entertainment, guests made their way into the volleyball beach sand dome. The music was turned up and the celebration was on! It was definitely a wedding to remember.

The wedding and reception was also the last set of matches played under the dome before it comes down for the springtime sunshine to greet the hundreds of teams signed up for spring leagues. (If you’ve not signed up for a spring session yet, there are only times left. If your team has not locked in a day you can register here to sign up! )

And remember, the family that plays together, stays together! Look for Shawn and Kim this spring and be sure to congratulate the newlyweds!