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Bobby (left) and Howard at Volleyball Beach.

Whether you know him as Tiger Bob or the mayor, Bobby Brewer is a fixture of Volleyball Beach. The weekday regular can be found on the deck surrounded by the family he has accrued since he started coming to Volleyball Beach. Read below to get to know the one known by all, just a little bit better!


Have you ever played Volleyball in the past?

I had a team of regulars that would come out all the time and we played together for 6 years. I mostly plated indoor. Sand is really hard for me to play in. But I’ve played indoors, in sand, grass, concrete you name it. Our group used to play at Oceans of Fun, Tomahawk, and Roland Park.

How did you first hear/find out about Volleyball Beach? How long have you been coming to Volleyball Beach?

I played before Howard bought it, around 2006 for the cheap beer and late-night games. Everyone always asks me “are you coming out tonight” or “where you at”. I love it here, it gets me out of the house.

What does a day at the (volleyball) beach look like for you?

I live about 15 minutes away from here, so I get here early and visit with everybody, have my Fireball and watch everyone play. If it’s Wednesday I wait for Lolly to get here then I get the party started!

What aspect of VBB do you enjoy the most?

The people, I love the game, but the people here are like family. It’s not clickish, and we all hang out outside of Volleyball Beach. Some people call me Tiger Bob. We go to Cancun every year. They all know me in Cancun all the bartenders know me. They know, they see me coming, and they have my Fireball ready and I say to everyone “see, I told you they all know me”.

What is your favorite memory of being at Volleyball Beach?

My birthday parties! My birthday is December 21st, and they threw me one birthday party here then it became a tradition. Last year someone got me a Feliz NaughtyBob sweater and I love it! I also like the Star Wars nights, I’m a big Star Wars fan. I dress up like Luke Skywalker with the lightsaber and everything.

What is your favorite food and drink item on the menu?

I would say probably the chicken tenders, of course my Fireball, and Howard and everybody else get me the Paradise shots. We all take turns buying rounds of shots for our group.

What other hobbies do you have outside of Volleyball Beach?

Now that I’ve retired, I’ve picked up golf. The first time I golfed I shot 136, but I’ve gotten better. When I worked at BPU in water engineering it was antiquing and building and restoring furniture. I would buy a set of tables and chairs for $25 or so, fix it up then turn around and sell it. My dad and brother were in the remodeling business and I used to help with that so that’s how I got started. I also bowl in three leagues and I own two of my own bowling balls, one has my nickname Tiger Bob on it.

What is your favorite night out of the week to go to Volleyball Beach and why?

I am here Mondays and Wednesdays, Thursdays or Fridays. I stay late enough for DJ Lolly and I get up and dance, get the party started!

Be sure to head on out to Volleyball Beach and say hello to Bobby when you see him!