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Meet Team Brad – friends who met by chance out on the court! Brad F. gave us an interview so we could learn a little bit more about one of Volleyball Beach’s awesome league teams!


From left to right: Hillary, Brad, Landon, Beatriz, Jay, and Mary

How did your team get started?

I have been playing sand volleyball at Volleyball Beach for about eight years now. I met my current team members when I volunteered to sub one night. We played well together and had a good time so they asked me to sub again the next week, and then the one after that, and before I knew it I was part of the team! Since then, we’ve had some team changes, but it’s always been pretty much the same crew. We always have six who come out and play, but we also have a few more who come when they can.

What league do you play in?

We play in the A league. We really enjoy the competition. The great thing about playing at Volleyball Beach is we get to compete against some strong competitors, but everyone still has a good time and it never gets too serious.

How did you get the name “Team Brad”?

It wasn’t me who came up with the name! One of the guys on the team started calling us that, and it just stuck!

Do you have a favorite season to play?

I think we enjoy playing all the seasons, but there is something extra nice about those late spring and early fall days. Playing in the dome is also nice. It’s great to be able to still get out on the sand and stay active during the winter.

Do you and your teammates do stuff together outside of Volleyball Beach?

Over the years, we have become close friends, so we like to have game nights and get together on the weekends, too. Sometimes we play cornhole together or go on float trips. It’s been really cool to make such great friends beyond just our passion for volleyball.

From left to right: Jen, Jay, Beatriz, Darrnel, Lindsey, Brad

Any pre- or post-game traditions or rituals?

Not really, but we do observe shot-serve! That means if you miss your serve on the point serve, you have to buy the team a round of shots. Sometimes we have a rule if you miss three serves in a game, that’s a round of shots for the team.

What do you enjoy most about Volleyball Beach?

For us, we really like the camaraderie and the community out at the Beach. We can get pretty competitive and still have a great time. The people at Volleyball Beach are great, just really good folks who are trying hard and having fun together.

Any advice for someone new to Volleyball Beach?

My advice would be to just get out and play! Come out in the evening and put your name in the hat to sub. That’s the best way to meet new people and get time on the sand, and who knows, you might just meet some awesome new friends or find a team to join!

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