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Meet the Martin Team!

The Martin Team

The families of Tom and Rebekah, and their former neighbors, Paul and Inger, are close. Long-time friends with a passion for staying active, they are also co-workers, coach various sports teams, and have been playing league season volleyball together at Volleyball Beach for six years. Every week they get to unwind, spend time together, exercise, and have fun. Keep reading to learn more about the Martin Team.


What made you decide to start a team?

We all enjoy sports, from coaching our kids’ soccer teams together to playing spike ball, frisbee golf, basketball, and so on. We also love volleyball, and joining a league was a great way for us to spend a little time together each week. We originally were driving pretty far to play at a different volleyball club until we found Volleyball Beach. It’s much closer, and that makes it a great fit for us.

What is your favorite time and season to play?

We like to play mid-week in the 5:15 league. When our children were younger, playing at 5:15 gave us the opportunity to hang out, play some volleyball, and still get home with plenty of time in the evening to spend with our kids.

We enjoy playing all year long, but fall is our favorite because the school year is starting up and work is back in full swing (a few team members work in education), so it’s really nice having something to break up the week. Winter is great, too. You really can’t beat having the dome to play in when it’s dark out at 5 pm and there’s not much else to do. It’s something to really look forward to.

What do you guys like to do besides the league?

Occasionally, we will come out and play in one of Volleyball Beach’s weekend tournaments, and since our families are so close, we end up doing a lot of different things together. Usually, after we finish playing we will head to one or the other’s home to have dinner and drinks. Tom and Paul coach our kids’ soccer team together, and we all like to go to the lake and take camping trips.

What do you enjoy about Volleyball Beach?

There’s a lot to like about Volleyball Beach. For one, everyone who works and plays there is fantastic! The bartenders already know what we want when we come in, and we don’t come across crazy teams that act like they’re trying to win the World Cup or something. It’s just fun, relaxing, and friendly competition.

Any advice for someone considering joining the league?

Just show up and play! There’s no need to be nervous about joining because everyone on the staff and all the players are so welcoming. If you make a mistake or don’t know the rules, that’s okay. Everyone is there to have fun, and no one minds helping out someone new.


The awesome teams at Volleyball Beach make it that much more fun to get out on the court. Interested in starting your own team? Click here to sign up for Volleyball Beach’s next league season!