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The Sloppy & Weird Team

Meet the Sloppy & Weird Team!

Volleyball Beach has kickstarted great friendships over the years, and this team is living proof of just that! These friends met at Volleyball Beach and decided they wanted to start their own team together! Now, 7 years later, Racheal W., Raschel R., Matt B., Brittany F., Daniel S., Kati C., and Zach L. are still going strong together! Keep reading to learn more about the Sloppy & Weird Team through this recent interview with team member Racheal W.!

How did your team get started?

The Beach brought us together! There was a group of us who became friends while subbing in groups playing on Mondays and Tuesdays, and Raschel called us all up and asked us if we wanted to just start our own team together. Subbing for different teams is a great way to meet new people – that’s how our team met, and it’s been awesome! We all have different volleyball backgrounds. Some have never played, and some played in college, but we all have a great time playing together!

Do you guys do anything together outside of the Beach?

For us, we have a tradition of celebrating each other’s birthdays together! There are 7 of us on the team, which means usually every month we are going out together to celebrate. Whoever’s big day it is, we choose something special for them. We’ve gone to Funkytown together for someone’s birthday before, for someone else we went to brunch at Hamburger Mary’s. It just depends on the person, but it is always a lot of fun!

Favorite season to play?

Spring is probably our favorite season. It’s starting to get warm again, everyone is coming back together, and all the courts are open again. The energy at the Beach is a lot of fun in the spring!

What is your favorite thing about Volleyball Beach?

I would honestly say that the best part about the Beach is just the atmosphere! Everyone, every single person at the Beach is just in such a great mood, and when other people are in a good mood that puts us in a good mood, too! I’ve never seen an angry person there like you often find at other bars. Everyone we meet and every team we play is just so friendly and kind.

Any advice for new players at the Beach?

If you are new or still considering if you want to join a team at Volleyball Beach or not, our advice for you is just do it! Everyone here is so welcoming and will be excited you’re here! Straight from the heart – everyone at the Beach will make you feel like you belong!


Thanks again to the Sloppy & Weird Team for sharing your love for the Beach with us! When you join the leagues and tournaments at Volleyball Beach, you are sure to meet tons of awesome teams just like this one! 

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