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Fall C League Winners

After an awesome season we have concluded our 9 week fall session. Thank you to all the teams that came out to play and have some fun in the sun with us. We wanted to take a moment to congratulate all of our winners but put a special spotlight on the C winners. Have you ever thought about playing at Volleyball Beach but aren’t experienced? The C level is a great place to start. Howard, the owner of Volleyball Beach, says that  “there are about 250 C teams each season at Volleyball Beach and the teams always really enjoy themselves. It is a great place to improve your skills and have a few drinks. I think most of these teams would drink beer and play volleyball at the same time if they could!”

Lori has been playing Tuesdays at 8:15 for the past 15 years. She loves being able to see friends every Tuesday, have a few beers, and there is some great competition. Lori says that “if you are new to sand volleyball, the C league is a great place to start!”

Are you a player that is looking for a team? Check out our Find a Player form to see what teams are looking for players!

See below for full list of fall’s C winners and some pictures. We will see you for Winter Digs starting on November 1st!

Sunday 5:00- Croucher “Two Bump Champs”

Sunday 6:00- McCoy

Sunday 7:00- Mikeska

Sunday 8:00- Felts

Sunday 9:00- Combs

Monday 6:15- Davin

Monday 7:15- Vonderahe

Monday 8:15- Vonderahe

Monday 9:15- Slobodnik

Tuesday 6:15- Francis

Tuesday 7:15- Skevington

Tuesday 8:15- Davies “High Beams & Gear Shifts”

Tuesday 9:15- Clark “Hot Sets in the Sweat Spot”

Wednesday 6:15- Schick “Drunken Ball Slappers”

Wednesday 7:15- Yamnitz

Wednesday 8:15- Roggenkamp

Wednesday 9:15-Barkley

Thursday 6:15- Bellar “WTF?!”

Thursday 7:15- Bellar “WTF?!”

Thursday 8:15- Clouse

Thursday 9:15- Johnson “Sets with the Lights On”

Friday 6:15- Harrington “Awesome Sauce”

Friday 7:15- Walker

Friday 8:15- Walker

Friday 9:15- Elder

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