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Host Your Company Event at Volleyball Beach!

By November 15, 2018April 17th, 2019No Comments

Wanting to stage an extra special workday-getaway? Look no further than Volleyball Beach! We all know working a 9 to 5 job can be tough. We can’t think of a better way to add a fun benefit to your company than by getting out from behind the desk and sticking your toes in the sand at Volleyball Beach!

Recently, we had the privilege of hosting Cerner for their company team building event. We chatted with one of Cerner’s Development Project Managers, Angela Gifford, about the decision to host their event at Volleyball Beach.

Angela Gifford and Team

Angela began her career with Cerner over six years ago. Shortly after joining the company some of her coworkers invited her to play on their league team at none other than Volleyball Beach!

“We chose Volleyball Beach to host our team building event a few years ago as something new and different. This is our company’s third year going to Volleyball Beach and we always have more participation at this event than at any other,” Angela shared.

As fun as these events are, just how beneficial can they be for your employees? For large companies like Cerner, team building events are everything!

“It’s good for teams to interact with each other. We are part of an organization of 100+ people, so it’s easy to interact with smaller teams on a daily basis. These events give everyone a chance to get to know the larger group better. They help make connections that allow for better cross-team communication and overall a better work experience,” Angela stated.

Ready to treat your company to a day away from the office? Volleyball Beach can host your company’s own “skip day” most any Monday through Friday. Don’t let anyone “beach” you to it – click here to book your team building event now!

Take a look at Cerner’s Volleyball Beach workday-getaway in the gallery below!