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Most everyone can agree that working a 9:00 to 5:00 job can be tough. We can’t think of a better way to add a fun benefit to your company than by getting out from behind the desk and sticking your toes in the warm sand of Volleyball Beach!

Volleyball Beach recently had the privilege of hosting JE Dunn Construction for their company team building event. We chatted with JE Dunn marketing professional, Kathleen Ismert, to find out more about the decision to host their team building event at Volleyball Beach.

Kathleen has been in marketing at JE Dunn for seven years, but she was introduced to Volleyball Beach long before her JE Dunn days. “I was brought to Volleyball Beach when I was younger to watch my mom’s team play, then I joined a team and played during high school and after college years,” Kathleen shared.

Since she was already familiar with the space at Volleyball Beach and knew we could accommodate her event needs, Kathleen knew Volleyball Beach was the perfect place to host JE Dunn’s corporate outing. “The best part about hosting an event at Volleyball Beach was how easy it was on our end,” said Kathleen. “They handle all food and beverages and take care of the bracket completely.” She continued, “On the event planning side, it was nice to be able to show up and participate.”

Not only are corporate events at Volleyball Beach exciting, engaging and easy to plan, but they’re also very beneficial for your employees. “The JE Dunn sand volleyball tournament allowed our employees to engage in healthy competition outside the workplace and bond on and off the courts,” said Kathleen.

Ready to treat your company to a team building day away from the office? Volleyball Beach is the place for you! We can host your company’s own “skip day” most any Monday-Friday. Click here to book your corporate team building event today.