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Last Chance to Sign Up for Winter Digs II!

By December 29, 2015April 17th, 2019No Comments

Time is running out!

Our first Winter Session under our brand new heated air-dome was a blast with over 300 teams playing at Volleyball Beach. The cutoff to sign up for our second 9-week Winter Digs Season is just a week away!

It’s time to sign up for the Winter Digs II League at Volleyball Beach! Registration ends January 3rd, so get your friends together and hit the beach!

It’s going to be another cold, icy winter in Kansas City so why not spend it under the dome with your toes in the sand? Volleyball Beach is the perfect place to kick the winter blues and have some fun! No one likes running on a treadmill, why not instead play under our heated dome at a delightful 72 degree instead!Screen Shot 2015-12-29 at 8.46.50 PM

Get your New Year’s resolution work-out on, make new friends, get out of the cold and come into the beach! Early registration ends January 3rd, later week teams ends January 8th!

Sign up with your team of 4 or 6, enjoy some sand volleyball and don’t forget to cool down with an ice cold beer from the bar afterwards!

Only $50 per person for a 9-week league! Less that $6 a week! Enter your 6-person team today!

Don’t have a full team? Don’t worry, we’ll get you with just the right team! Just call Volleyball Beach, ask for Howard, and say, “Howard, I need a team!”

Winter Digs II League runs from January 3-March 5, so sign up today!

sign up now!