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Leagues for All Skill Levels – On the Beach All Winter Long!

By September 28, 2015April 17th, 2019No Comments

If you haven’t heard the word, our heated dome is going up soon!

We’re proud to now have the largest sand air dome in the country!

The winter season starts November 1, so time is running out to get registered for the dome experience! Just think: there’s a snowstorm outside, but you’re inside in our heated dome where it’s a balmy 70 degrees!

New to the area or just getting started? Check out league level descriptions below to see what works best for you:

  • A Teams: Power. The team is going to hit the ball three times (pass, set, spike) to send it over virtually every time, and more than half the time that return is going to be a forceful downward spike.
  • B Teams: Intermediate. The team is going to hit the ball three times before sending it over virtually every time, but the spikes are not as forceful or downward – maybe only 25% of the time.
  • C Teams: Recreational. The team typically doesn’t hit the ball three times before sending it over – they are just trying to get it over.  Very rarely does anyone spike with authority.

Winter Digs league registration began on September 1st, so be sure to sign up and reserve your spot now!

The winter season will run from November 1, 2015 – January 8, 2016.

Click here to register now. You may also call us at 816-942-2820 or email [email protected]. As a reminder, all players must be 18 or older to play.

See you on the sand!