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The crowd-favorite elite sand volleyball extravaganza known as the May Fire! tournament is an annual volleyball tournament held in May at Volleyball Beach and is hosted by AVP Next. At Volleyball Beach’s May Fire! tournament, the action is non-stop and competition is fierce as top aspiring-pro volleyball doubles team players aspire to earn AVP Next points and compete for cash prizes. Check back in the spring for more details on the next May Fire!

Eric Scherfenberg, who by day is the strength and conditioning coach at Belton High School, is also the founder/head honcho of May Fire! Eric has been playing volleyball for about 15 years, and said he was excited to bring a tournament like May Fire! to Kansas City.

“It’s a really fun way to hang out with friends from all over the country, and it’s great to see this level of competition in Kansas City as well,” said Eric. In the past, Volleyball Beach has hosted players from California and even former Olympians.

May Fire! is one of 17 tournaments in the country that serves as the pipeline for amateur players to compete in higher-level tournaments and work their way toward becoming a professional volleyball player. You must be a registered AVP member to play in the May Fire! tournament, so click here if you’d like to join.