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Cold weather doesn’t stop the players at Volleyball Beach from enjoying their time out on the sand thanks to the Beach’s temperature-controlled dome!

When winter descends on the KC metro, the fun at Volleyball Beach doesn’t slow down. Each year, the Beach puts up its pressurized dome over eight sand volleyball courts so that play can continue all winter long!

Inside the dome, the temperature stays at a pleasant 72°, so players can escape the cold for a few hours each week while they catch up with friends and play some volleyball. In addition to the dome, the Beachside Bar & Grill remains open all year as well, so players can enjoy delicious, fuel-packed food, ice-cold beer, and beach-inspired drinks!

During the winter months, Volleyball Beach hosts two winter leagues, Winter Digs I & II, where teams can come and play their matches inside the dome. The dome will go up on October 22nd, 2022, just in time for Winter Digs I, which kicks off on November 1st.

Interested in joining the Winter Digs I league? Click here to see which time slots are still available!

Come check out Volleyball Beach’s temperature-controlled dome for yourself!