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Have you ever noticed a tap handle at the bar called “Volleyball Beach”? Have you ever asked one of the bartenders about it? Well if not, next time you’re there, stop by the bar and give it a try! It’s Volleyball Beach’s mystery brew – most of the servers and bartenders don’t even know what comes out of the tap! But if they do – they are sworn to secrecy, and aren’t ever allowed to reveal the mystery.

The mystery brew is a 20-year-old secret and Volleyball Beach’s best seller, so give it a try and see if you and your friends can guess what it is! If you think you’ve figured it out, we can guarantee that it will change soon so it will forever be kept a mystery!

Keep a lookout for Howard next time you’re at Volleyball Beach and ask him about it. He will smile, shrug, and say something like, “It’s a secret formula that I’ll never tell, but it’s our best seller so be sure to give it a try!”

Stop by Volleyball Beach for free play from 4 – 6 pm and take the challenge of trying to guess the beach beer while brushing up on your sand volleyball skills. Or sign up for our Winter Digs II session – it starts January 3rd and there are just a couple spots remaining!