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This past fall, Brown & Brown, a national insurance brokerage firm, hosted a charity tournament for KVC Health Systems at Volleyball Beach! We spoke with Brooke F., Director of Marketing and Communications at Brown & Brown, and she shared the company’s experience with hosting this event at the Beach. When it comes to large-scale fundraising events, there are many moving parts that must come together to create a seamless event that is fun for all. Keep reading to see how this event went for Brown & Brown!

Brown & Brown x KVC Health Systems Tournament

How many attendees did your event have?

We had right around 100 guests. For this event, we invite clients, vendors, and employees, so we get a great mix of people.

Was this Brown & Brown’s first time hosting an event at Volleyball Beach?

No, we actually have hosted this tournament annually for several years at the Beach.

Why does Brown & Brown like hosting its charity event here?

Throughout the year, we have several high-level, professional events, but this is one where we get to be more relaxed. People let their hair down, hang out together, and really enjoy themselves. Having our event here gives our staff and clients a chance to connect in a fun atmosphere. Volleyball Beach makes it really easy to just show up and get the event rolling right away without any stress.

What did your tournament include?

We had a bracket set up for the 14 teams who signed up, and we gave prizes to the top three teams. Volleyball Beach helped us serve food and drinks, and we had several giveaways with promotional items donated by other vendors.  

What stood out to you as something Volleyball Beach does well?

The service at Volleyball Beach is great! The bartender who worked with us was absolutely wonderful. The whole staff was incredibly accommodating, setting us up with the microphone and making sure we had all the food and drinks we needed. We feel very lucky that we found Volleyball Beach to host our event at! We would highly recommend working with the Beach for your next charity event!

Interested in hosting your own charity tournament at Volleyball Beach? Check our Tournament Page for more information or send us a message online!