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Volleyball Beach Employee Spotlight

By January 3, 2017April 17th, 2019No Comments
Volleyball Beach

Jennifer: Bartender at Volleyball Beach

A lot of our players agree that walking in to Volleyball Beach is a lot like hanging out with family. But what makes Volleyball Beach such a fun and friendly atmosphere? We’d like to think that a few of our employees are a big part of the family vibe we have here at Volleyball Beach! Our bartenders Jennifer, Blake, and league coordinator Katie have been working here for a combination of almost 20 years! These three are more than just veteran Volleyball Beach employees, they’re part of the family!

What does Jennifer like best about working at VBB? “The people. It’s a small town here,” said Jennifer. “I get to see all my friends when I work and I think those relationships are vital to the success of Volleyball Beach. Without the people, without our staff, it wouldn’t be what it is.”Next time you’re at VBB – be sure to ask her for the Jenny and Juice, Jennifer’s favorite drink to make that includes a variety of flavored rum and juices!

Jennifer has worked at VBB for 12 years and says the best thing about the players at VBB has to be “all the funny stories I have in my back pocket – that I may or may not use against them in the future!”

Volleyball Beach

Blake: Bartender at Volleyball Beach

After Blake had set up a team and played at Volleyball Beach, he became such good friends with Jennifer, he decided to apply for a position at Volleyball Beach! He’s been a bartender with us for 6 years now. “My favorite part about working at Volleyball Beach are the people and the customers. We’re all like family,” said Blake. Next time you see Blake behind the bar, you might ask him to make you his favorite drink – Blake Juice, a mixture of flavored Malibu Rum and juices. What’s his favorite part about the players of VBB? “Everyone is like family,” Blake said. “We all have each other’s backs.” If he wasn’t working at Volleyball Beach, he says he would be “on a real beach drinking margaritas!” We don’t blame you, Blake! But we think Volleyball Beach is a pretty good alternative!

Our league coordinator, Katie has played volleyball since she was six years old. “I played one session at Volleyball Beach and decided I wanted to work here,” she said. Katie can answer any of your questions about volleyball rules, what court you’re playing on, what team you’re playing, and league standings!

Volleyball Beach

Katie: League Coordinator at Volleyball Beach

Her favorite part about Volleyball Beach is her co-workers. “I love them so much, it’s like a family here. And we all want what’s best for Volleyball Beach.” She’s worked here for a year and a half and says one of her favorite things about the players at VBB is that there is such a wide range of them. “You can come here just to have a good time, but you can also come here to work on your skills and play competitively,” says Katie. On her days off, she’s at Volleyball Beach playing on the courts, so when we asked what she would be doing if she wasn’t working here, of course Katie said, “Playing here every day!”

Come experience the family vibe at Volleyball Beach for yourself! Keep an eye on our registration page for more information about sign-ups for our Spring 2017 league! If you’re itching to get your toes in the sand right away, we open every weekday for FREE open play and happy hour from 4-6pm! Grab your friends and enjoy some sand volleyball under our heated dome! Don’t forget to catch up with Katie and cool down with an ice cold beer from one of our friendly bartenders!