Play Now - Spring 2021

Ready to play? We’ve made it easy for you to find a league and start playing!

Spring League registration opens on February 16th! League play begins March 28th! 

Email us if you want to be on the waitlist in case they open up later.

Be sure to select a Play Level from the drop down menu.

  • A – Power
  • B – Intermediate
  • C – Recreational 

After you register your team, expect to receive a confirmation email from PayPal.


Join a League

  • Each league lasts 9 or 10 weeks, subject to weather and holidays. We will do our best to schedule weather make-ups on weekends prior to league end.
  • View the grid below to find an opening.
  • If a status below is FULL, please call or email Volleyball Beach and ask to be added to the waitlist.
  • Early teams on the waitlist usually get an opportunity to join the desired league, if you’re patient!
  • All leagues will be split into B (intermediate) and C (recreational) levels unless designated otherwise. If you sign up for a day or time that does not match your skill level, your experience will be greatly effected.
  • Saturdays are available for tournaments, events and parties. Please contact Volleyball Beach for available dates.
  • All sign-ups require a deposit. Deposits are applied against your league fees due on the first night of play (for example, a $240 team making an $80 deposit will owe the remaining $160 on the first night).
  • If a team makes a deposit but cancels prior to or on the first night, Volleyball Beach may either retain or refund the deposit in its discretion. The earlier the team notifies Volleyball Beach of the cancellation, the more likely a replacement team can be found and the deposit refunded.
  • Must be 18 or older to play. No one under 16 is allowed at Volleyball Beach after 10:30 PM.
  • All players need to complete the sign-up waiver form before play. The waiver will be available on the first night of play.

Spring Registration Now Open!

Sign Up Table Available Soon!

DayTime# of PlayersLevelTeam FeeDepositStatusSign UpPRIVATE- PayPal Code ID
Sunday5:00 PM6 - CoedA/B/C$240$80Full- Email for WaitlistT35L7UQM28YHL
Sunday6:00 PM6 - CoedA/B/C$240$80Full- Email for WaitlistKXRLMA9L7KWY2
Sunday7:00 PM6 - CoedA/B/C$240$80Full - Email for Waitlist8RKZB8AZ2WS8L
Sunday8:00 PM4 - AnyA/B/C$160$40Available

Payment Options
Play Level

Sunday9:00 PM4 - AnyA/B/C$160$40Available

Payment Options
Play Level

Monday5:15 PM6 - AnyB/C$120$40Available

Payment Options
Play Level

Monday6:15 PM6 – CoedA/B/C$240$80Full- Email for WaitlistXDPXS9ECGR8TU
Monday7:15 PM6 – CoedA/B/C$240$80Full- Email for WaitlistBAB7H5SLPWFTJ
Monday8:15 PM6 – CoedA/B/C$240$80Full- Email for Waitlist598JHSML8QRG4
Monday9:15 PM4 - Any A/B/C$160$40Available

Payment Options
Play Level

Tuesday6:15 PM6 – CoedA/B/C$240$80Full- Email for WaitlistBSLZQULGXBZ86
Tuesday7:15 PM6 – CoedA/B/C$240$80Full- Email for WaitlistFZSDAHSRCUQP4
Tuesday8:15 PM6 - Coed A/B/C$240$80Full- Email for WaitlistSNK2V9WVDE4HY
Tuesday9:15 PM6 – CoedA/B/C$210$70Available

Payment Options
Play Level

Wednesday5:15 PM6 - CoedB/C$120$40Available

Payment Options
Play Level

Wednesday6:15 PM6 – CoedA/B/C$240$80Full- Email for WaitlistD2JPH4HGNJFS8
Wednesday7:15 PM6 – CoedA/B/C$240$80Full- Email for Waitlist26FWZ6NTBB2SJ
Wednesday8:15 PM6 – CoedA/B/C$240$80Full- Email for Waitlist5FZY56ZUTADBY
Wednesday9:15 PM6 – CoedA/B/C$210$70Available

Payment Options
Play Level

Thursday5:15 PM6 – CoedB/C$120$40Available

Payment Options
Play Level

Thursday6:15 PM6 – CoedA/B/C$240$80Full- Email for WaitlistFRSX4MA69MVTJ
Thursday7:15 PM6 – CoedA/B/C$240$80Full- Email for WaitlistYYB59JR7E2FUA
Thursday8:15 PM6 – CoedA/B/C$240$80Full- Email for Waitlist34SKW2NMQ967A
Thursday9:15 PM6 – CoedA/B/C$210$70Available

Payment Options
Play Level

Friday5:15 PM6 - CoedB/C$120$40Available

Payment Options
Play Level

Friday6:15 PM6 – CoedA/B/C$240$80Full - Email for WaitlistGPBUGY6ZD6FDJ
Friday7:15 PM6 – CoedA/B/C$240$80Full- Email for WaitlistHLWP8QLWP7SHC
Friday8:15 PM6 – CoedA/B/C$240$80Full - Email for Waitlist4CDMY3JLK2YSN
Friday9:15 PM6 – CoedA/B/C$210$70Available

Payment Options
Play Level


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