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Volleyball Beach has been named by the Pitch as one of Kansas City’s best places to meet singles!

It comes as no surprise that all the fun happening at Volleyball Beach makes it the perfect place to meet new people! Through weekday league nights and weekend tournaments, Volleyball Beach is a fantastic gathering spot for volleyball lovers of all ages from all over Kansas City to meet and build new friendships together. The Pitch recently recognized Volleyball Beach as one of the best places in KC to meet singles! With its welcoming community and vibrant atmosphere, Volleyball Beach is the perfect place for those looking to connect with new friends and meet other singles from around the metro. In fact, Volleyball Beach has a long history of bringing people together!

Matt and Marites Shields at Volleyball Beach

One great example is Matt and Marites Shields. Back in 2001, they both decided to try something new and join a mutual friend’s Thursday night league team. That’s where they met for the first time, and now over 20 years later, they are happily married and still come to Volleyball Beach every Thursday to play in the same league! You can read more about the Shields here.

Kim and Shawn during their wedding at the Beach

Volleyball Beach has even doubled as a venue for a couple of of weddings throughout the years. Kim and Shawn Peel got married at Volleyball Beach in March of 2016. When planning their wedding, Kim and Shawn thought about what was important to both of them and Volleyball Beach stuck out in their minds. This was where they spent much of their free time, where they had met many of their closest friends, and playing volleyball together with friends sounded like the perfect way to celebrate their marriage!

Joanna and Rob House, another couple who tied the knot at Volleyball Beach, got married in May of 2017. They had met at Volleyball Beach and, like Kim and Shawn, they had made many friendships there. The lifetime friends they had made there and their love of volleyball made Volleyball Beach the perfect venue for their wedding. Everyone came together to celebrate their day, and after the “I do’s”, Joanna and Rob were joined by all their friends out on the sand to play volleyball together.

The Peels and the Houses are close friends as well. This year on June 25th, they will be hosting a “Balls & Chains” tournament at the Beach to celebrate their anniversaries together with all their friends and anyone else who wants to join in the fun!

For anyone who is hesitant about joining one of the league nights out at Volleyball Beach, all three of these couples have the same advice for you – just do it! The community of players at Volleyball Beach is welcoming to all newcomers and encourages everyone to come out and give it a try. A great way to find teams and meet new people is to sub on teams that are missing players. This can be done on Volleyball Beach’s Find a Player page. In fact, that’s how Joanna met Rob – he subbed on their team one week! Stop by the Beach and look for Kim (who also works the front desk), let her know you are new, and she, along with the rest of the players at Volleyball Beach, will make you feel at home right away!