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Beach Spotlight: The Martin Team

Meet the Martin Team! The Martin Team The families of Tom and Rebekah, and their former neighbors, Paul and Inger, are close. Long-time friends with a passion for staying active, they are also co-workers, coach…
August 1, 2023

Beach Staff Spotlight: Katie Newton

If you're a regular player at Volleyball Beach, you've most likely met or even played on the courts with Bartender and Facility Director Katie Newton. Whether she's mixing up delicious drinks at the Beach Bar…
August 12, 2021

Beach Spotlight: Hillary Shipman

If you have ever played in a tournament at Volleyball Beach, you more than likely have met or played with Event Coordinator Hillary Shipman. Whether she's out playing volleyball with friends, or organizing all of…
September 10, 2020

Beach Spotlight: DJ Lolly

If you have spent any time at Volleyball Beach, you have seen or heard Lolly Manakul AKA DJ Lolly. Whether he's out playing volleyball with friends, or starting the party with his beats, DJ Lolly…
August 13, 2020

Meet Bret and Audrey!

We have several new faces at Volleyball Beach so we thought we’d take a moment to shine some light on two of our newest bartenders. They help make Volleyball Beach great and we couldn’t be…
August 3, 2017